Scoutly is a scouting app that runs on your iPhone or Android phone. It allows you to check any item’s Amazon landed price information from an offline database. This offline database search does not require an Internet connection so that you can check items in less than a second. Optionally, you can also perform live searches on Amazon US, Canada, other European countries, and sites like eBay, Google, Bookscouter, or CamelCamelCamel to help you research more on the items already selected by a database search as potential resell items.

A BlueTooth scanner (such as the Socket 7Ci or 8Ci) allows you to enter an item’s number much more quickly into the Scoutly app. Having both a Socket scanner and offline database working together will dramatically reduce your scouting time, so you can hit more places and spend less time scouting. It also allows you to compete in any major sales event. It’s well worth it to buy a Bluetooth scanner and use the database primarily during scouting.

Our service also includes software for listing, repricing, and shipping (

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