Full Package
Socket Plug-in CF Package
  • Used Dell X51 PDA

  • Used Socket 5M/5E2 Class 1 laser scanner or Socket 5P Class 2 laser scanner (stronger laser for outdoor scanning)

  • Includes FIVE Months of service ($150 value)

With 5M/5E2 scanner
With 5P scanner
Built-in Scanner Package
  • Used iPhone 4S or iPod Touch

  • Built-in Linea Pro scanner

  • Includes FIVE Months of service ($150 value)

Out of stock
Bluetooth Scanner Package
  • Used Android Smartphone with Android OS 5

  • Used Scanfob 2005 Scanner

  • Includes THREE Months of service ($90 value)

Standalone Bluetooth Scanner
  • Scanfob 2005 Scanner

  • Works with Android, iPhone, and PDA

  • Includes 3 Month Warranty

Standalone CF Laser Scanner
  • Used Class 1 Laser 5M/5E2 CF Scan Card

  • Works with Axim X51/X51v, SoMo 650/655, and iPAQ hx2490 PDAs

  • Includes 3 Month Warranty

Windows Laptop for TurboLister
  • Free rental of 14 inch Windows 10 Laptop with SSD

  • Ship in 7 business days

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AST Warranty

1. User needs to remain subscribed to our service after receiving equipment to be eligible for the AST warranty.

2. Used equipment has a 3 month warranty.

3. New equipment has a 12 month warranty.

4. Rental equipment has a lifetime warranty.

Shipping Policy

1. Orders placed before 3 pm will be shipped within 2 business days.

2. USPS Priority Shipping takes 2-4 business days to deliver. USPS Priority Mail Express takes 1-2 business days to deliver.

Return Policy

1. Return is accepted within 20 days after delivery. Refund will be issued after minus restocking fee, included months of service and $15 s&h.

2. There is a 15% restocking fee of the total price paid for used equipment.

3. There is a 25% restocking fee of the total price paid for packages containing "brand-new" equipment.

PDA Replacement
How to Order
  1. In the textbox below that accept "User ID & Models", write the following information:

    1. The user ID that will be used in this PDA.
    2. Scanner type: Plug-in CF or Bluetooth.
    3. Example for above: ast268, Plug-in CF
  2. Click the "Add to cart" button below and then "Check out with Paypal"

  3. Verify your shipping address and complete the checkout process.

  4. If your currently PDA model is not a Dell X51/X50, you also need to order the sync cable (accessory 1).

Scanner: Plug-in or Bluetooth
Dell USB Sync Cable (cannot charge PDA)
Dell AC Charger
Dell USB Sync Cradle
Dell Extended Battery
Dell Standard Battery
USB SD Card Reader
X51/X51V Keypad