Getting Started !!! Tutorial for Signing up & Installing ASellerTool


Specific tutorials for existing users:

NEW: Tutorial for listing tool - Learn about the new listing tool comes with 5.1.

Tutorial for upgrading to latest version - If you already have ASellertool installed in your PDA.

Tutorial for data downloading - If you have just received the package from us, or completed installation yourself.

Tutorial for different features - Learn about title search, pricing criteria, etc.

Setup cell phone scouting service - Free for your PDA account.

Troubshooting - Resolutions to problems with using ASellertool scouting program

For new users, follow the steps below to get started!!!

Step 1: Registration - Sign-up for 7 days free trial

Register a trial account at, a valid email address is all you need.

Step 2: Download the following programs to your desktop computer

  1. REQUIRED Download - Pocket PC Scouting Program 5.1 at

  2. OPTIONAL Download (To speed up database download time to around 10 minutes) - Desktop PC Data Downloader 5.0 at

Step 3: Unzip the programs downloaded

Use "Winzip" from to unzip the file(s) you downloaded from step 2. All you need to do is to double click on the "". And then you should see a file called "ppc.exe".

Step 4:  Before Installing Pocket PC Scouting Program :

  1. Do a "Soft Reset" on your PDA. ["soft reset" the Pocket PC] by inserting your stylus into the small reset hole on the back of your PDA. With Dell Axim, the hole is at the back, but with other PDA the hold may be located somewhere else.

  2. Connect your PocketPC to your PC (desktop/laptop) using Microsoft ActiveSnyc. You MUST see the word "Connected" on the screen of ActiveSync, before you can proceed. See the print-screen below:

    Note: If you do NOT already have ActiveSync installed on your PC, please do the following before proceeding to Step 3:

    1. Download ActiveSync here
    2. Unzip the file - "" using WinZip
    3. Double click the file "ActiveSync42.exe" to install ActiveSync on your PC

Step 5: Installing Pocket PC Scouting Program :

  1. Double click "ppc.exe". It will install our the program into your PocketPC.

    NOTE: If installation program asks you which location to install our program, choose DEVICE or MAIN memory, NOT external memory card

  2. During installation, check both your Desktop PC computer and your Pocket PC for any message dialog boxes. Click "OK" or "Continue" on those dialog boxes. If you are uncertain about your action on certain dialog boxes, contact our support.

  3. Click here if you encounter problem with this step.

Step 6: Find ASellerTool in your PocketPC and run it :

Very Important: Please do not proceed to this step, without first inserting the SD memory card into your PDA.

Step 7: Input your user id, password which you receive from our email after your registration (Only need to do it the first time):

Step 8: Download ISBN/UPC database to your PDA

Step 9: Install and Configure Socket Scanner

1. Connect your PocketPC to your PC (desktop/laptop) using Microsoft ActiveSnyc. You MUST see the word "Connected" on the screen of ActiveSync, before you can proceed.

2. Click here to download the Socket scanner driver.

3. After downloading, unzip the "", and then double click on "SocketScanCE.exe" to start installation.

4. After finishing installation, Click here to go to tutorial for setting up scanner.

Step 10: Manually enter an ISBN to see pricing result

Find a book with a valid ISBN, enter the ISBN with the instruction below. The "x" at the end can be ignored.

After tapping the "OK" button, you should see a screen on your PDA that is similar to the screen-shot below.

Congratulation !!! You have completed the installation and setup of Pocket PC scouting program in your PDA. Click here to go to Tutorial for using different features in ASellerTool.

If you have any questions, please send us an email to  With your input and suggestions, we can make our software even better to serve your business.

Troubleshooting Section

Problem with Installing Pocket PC Scouting Program (Step 4 above) :

  1. Please make sure your PDA is properly connected to the desktop/laptop through ActiveSync before installing ppc.exe. Click here to see how to connect to ActiveSync properly.

  2. If you encounter an error message similar to "Installation Unsuccessful because............." , please "Soft Reset" your PDA again, make sure ActiveSync is "Connected" , and then repeat Step 4 above.

  3. If you encounter the following error message - "The .NET Compact Framework could not be found. Please install the .Net Compact Framework and run the installation again", please do the following:

    Download and install .NET Compact framework at

    If the URL above does not work (because it could be moved by Microsoft), please go to, and search for "Download .NET Compact 1.0".

  4. If you are not able to resolve the issue, contact our support.

Follow the two steps below to properly connect your PDA to Internet through ActiveSync :

Step 1: Make sure the word "Connected" is on the screen of ActiveSync. See screen below:

Step 2: After clicking "Connection Settings" from the "File" menu, you should see the following screen. In the dropdown for "This computer is connected to:", make sure "The Internet" is selected.

Click here to go to tutorial for installing and using Desktop PC Data Downloader

Tutorial for setting up cell phone scouting with your PDA account

Note: The steps below only apply to users who have signed up free-trial or subscribed to our ASellerTool Enterprise PDA Scouting service. For users who have signed up ASellerTool Standard cell phone scouting service ($5.00 per month), please click here to go to the tutorial for ASellerTool Standard

Step 1: Write down the user ID and password used for your PDA.

You can retrieve it by (1) opening ASellerTool program in your PDA, (2) Tap "menu" button (or "start" for 3.4) button on the bottom left corner, (3) Tap "License" button

Step 2: If you are using a cell phone, create a bookmark in your cell phone with the following URL

Replace the word "youruserid" with your actual user ID used for PDA

Replace the word "yourpassword" with your actual password used for PDA

Step 3: Give it a try

To lookup a book price, type the ISBN number into the input box. The ISBN number is a 10 digit number. If the ISBN number ends with an 'X' (like 155848400x) you can ignore the trailing 'X' and input only 155848400.

Step 4 (Optional): If you are using a PDA phone, desktop PC or laptop, use the following URL instead

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